• The evaluation is added here - 2011/11/16
  • The program is updated. - 2011/11/3
  • The program is updated. - 2011/10/21
  • One day student attendance fee of EUR95 is added to registration packages. (fee has been placed under 'Extras'). Note that this registration fee doesn't include Gala dinner and paper upload. --2011/10/6
  • The early registration deadline is extended to 8 October. -- 2011/9/27
  • The hotel and venue information is uploaded  here. -- 2011/9/23
  • The visa information page is set up here . --2011/9/13
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  • NEWS! Prof. Majid Sarrafzadeh from UCLA will present a keynote at BodyNets. -- 2011/8/31
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  • The camera-ready due is extend to Sep. 15. -- 2011/8/18
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  • NEWS! Prof. John Stankovic will present a keynote at BodyNets. -- 2011/8/12
  • The conference dates are update. -- 2011/8/6
  • The due is extended to July 1st. -- 2011/6/19
  • The submission instruction is updated. -- 2011-6-3
  • The full paper due is extended to June 15. -- 2011/5/31
  • Call for demos is updated. -- 2011/5/30
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  • A SCI-indexed special issue is added in the CFP. -- 2011/5/23
  • The Submission system is online now. -- 2011/5/20
Important Dates

Full & Short Paper Due: July 1st, 2011 (extended)

Posters & Demos Due: August 7, 2011

Notification of Acceptance: July 31, 2011

Camera-ready Manuscript: August 31, 2011 September 15, 2011 (extended)

Conference Dates: November 7-8, 2011(Updated)

Special Issues

Selected papers will be recommended for publication in special issues of International Journal of Sensor Networks (IJSNET), which is SCI-indexed.


The advancement in sensing, embedded computing, and wireless communication has accelerated the progress of Body Area Networks (BodyNets). BodyNets integrate and deploy wireless sensors, RFID tags, and other pervasive devices within and around human bodies for constructing diverse and practical systems for smart health and wellbeing, human computer interaction, and provision of entertainment. This conference will explore the challenges and technical approaches to designing, building, and deploying BodyNets. The conference aims to establish a forum to exchange ideas, discuss practices, raise awareness, and to share cutting edge technology and experiences among researchers and practitioners in the field of computer science, biomedical engineering, medicine, and other disciplines in both academia and industry.